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February 17, 2006

Okay, it’s friday…and what a week it was…

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Owww…I never imagined myself actually having to write the sentence ‘blogging has been light this month‘, but here I am. Jesus! Isn’t that terrible? A whole freakin’ month went by and I didn’t even get a chance to write as much as one lousy syllable?

But, let’s forget about the busy-stuff…one of the most boring things on this planet is people telling each other how busy they are. ..bweeeh.

Actually, there was something else as well. The Danish-cartoon thing left me exhausted. Really, it did. When it started, I was consumed by anger & outrage. Yes sir, I was! One big fiery ball of white-hot fury, ready to smash anything coming in the way of the freedom of expression. That is an exhausting state of mind, I can tell you. I’m really suffering from cartoon-fatigue right now. You know, intellectually (not meaning that i’m some sort of smart-ass or something, talking about my intellectual ‘roots’ here…) I consider myself a ‘child’ of the enlightenment, the period in western history that shaped much of the secular world we live in today, the period that provided us with books written by such marvellous thinkers and authors as Diderot, Voltaire etc. A lot of things happened in western Europe between 1760 and 1790…for me, the most important thing was the ‘victory’ of reason and critical thinking over all kinds of superstition, including the major religions and power-structures that held up tyranical regimes, dynasties and kingdoms. Whose backward and stupid ideas where all those institutions anyway?

So, it’s not hard to guess where I stand in this whole Danish cartoon controversy. I’m not a conservative, i’m not your typical ‘lefty’ (although I often agree with their analysis of certain problems, but ‘the left’ can get me really pissed-off for remaining silent and NOT speaking out on this cartoon-issue or other controversies that don’t fit their general stance…hypocrites!). I’m really looking forward to resume posting on a regular basis, preferably on more interesting topics than cartoons!!! Ahhh…don’t mention those cartoons! Get over it and get a life! Please? It will make mine a lot easier! Thank you!

Please check back here regularly! 


January 15, 2006

Warning for criminals: stop harassing the author of this blog!

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…Bear with me guys…all this criminal behaviour going on everywhere is giving the Dutch police forces a lot of things to grapple with, things I have to make nice little articles about for the ‘average’ policeman/woman.

These days I mostly feel like a squished orange – languagewise – unable to get my brains turned on enough to write anything sensible on this blog. So, bear with me, right? 

Will be back asap. Promise.

January 6, 2006

Why not try my hand at an English blog…???

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Yeah, why not…? Being a blogger in the Dutch language for some time now, why not give it a shot? For the record: I’m Dutch, born and bred…Blogging in English as a Dutch person has the advantage of being able to give the English speaking community some insight into the workings of ‘The Dutch Mind’…whatever that may be. Some insight may be gained already: Dutchmen love a free (translated: ‘gratis”) ride, and WordPress isn’t charging anything for this opportunity to blog, so hey…please, don’t spread the word in Holland, everybody will want to start blogging, just for the fun of doing something no one is charging any money for! I don’t know what that is….but here I am!

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